Happy holiday season.

We are excited to let you know that your webpage screenshot extension has been upgraded to v13.6

What’s new in this version?

  • We removed the jollywallet bar

  • We removed the shadow from the text tool.
  • You can see all the screenshots you shared or deleted and manage them using Webpage Screenshot Gallery
  • New tool: Webpage Screenshot Bar. For quick screenshots, translate, text-to-speech, copy to clipboard, and many more. Try It now
  • New Feature:  Resize images and create thumbnails. One button will create thumbnails in perfect sizes for you (if you need a special size please contact us for free).
  • New Feature: Create PDF. You often requested this feature. Now it’s integrated. The extension checks the dimensions of the image, and automatically decides if the PDF page needs to be portrait or landscape.
  • SSL supports. If you want to send screenshots to someone, but you don’t trust his network, you can send him an HTTPS version of the shared image. In the next version you will have the option to upload using HTTPS.
  • Using bbcode. The next time you share an image, you will see the bbcode of the image. You can use this code to embed the image in lots of forums.

Webpage Screenshot uses anonymous usage statistics. This can be disabled in the options page without losing any features as well.

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What's new in v13.0 (02/09/2013)

We are excited to release new version of Webpage Screenshot! So, what new in this version?
We added many improvements and fixed some issues.
New features:
  • Most requested feature: Upload to Dropbox!
  • We are going to update the browser icon! - See the contest. help us decide
  • No more scrollbars in screenshot!
  • New shape tools (star, and house)
  • Copy to Clipboard using Right click
  • Screenshot of LOCAL FILES (eg: c:\)
  • New sharing tools (Digg, and del.icio.us)
  • New Progress Bar
  • We added PNG extension when saving to Google Drive
  • We added shortcuts (hotkeys) that you can use (from the Settings page)
  • f
  • For mac users you can set shortcuts from the manage extensions page
  • We added 4 more services for you: Reddit, FrameBench, digg, del.ico.us. We are waiting to add new services by your Request.
  • New Feature: Delay Screenshot. Helps you take screenshot of elements hover state.
  • Press ESC to cancel capture.
Issues & Requests - mailto:amina@webpagescreenshot.info

Please consider a donation. We want to continue improve this extension.
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