Who are we?

The extenstion was written and designed by a Amina Stein, in 2009. The extension helped me in my work on websites and I decided that others deserve to use it as well.

Thank you to all the internet users that have downloaded the extension. It is a great honor to write the extension that millions of people use. I feel that I have made a small contribution to the community.

I have been working for several years in fixing issues and adding new features.
I have lots of expeses, but I decided that the extension will be free forever for eveyone.

If you like the extesnion, I am asking you to donate.

Donate $10

Other Amount

Sponsors will get priorty support by email, and receive beta version before everyone else

Invoice for March 2014:

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Thank you.

For questions or comments please contact us at amina@webpagescreenshot.info

Respectfully yours,
Amina Stein