Q. Why does this security warning appear when I install the extension?
A. This is a standard security warning that appears before every installation of most popular extensions in the Google gallery.
Q. What is the significance of this security warning that appears on my screen?
A. Every Google Chrome extension is activated inside a sandbox ? and can only be activated with commands that are chosen by the Chrome staff. This enables the browser  to supervise the activities of every extension and to limit its capabilities. For example as of today the extensions do not have access to the file system of the surfer.
In order for the Webpage Screenshot extension to work properly you need to use the command CaptureVisibleTab (which is documented in the Google development site) which is designated for taking webpage screenshots. When this command exists in the extension the Google system will automatically display a security warning.
Q. What is the quality of the screenshot?
A. The extension uses the maximum capability of the browser in order to produce the screenshot in JPG or PNG format. The Google staff is constantly upgrading the quality of the screenshot and the extension as well. In the near future there will be support in PNG/JPG.
Q. Why can't I trap Flash files?
A. This is a well known problem and we do not have control over it. There is a bug in Google's browser that hides the Flash when you take a webpage screenshot.
Q. Occasionally I am unable to save files that are larger than 2MB, why?
A. We fix it on the last version.  Only out extension can save images larger that 2MB.
Q. Why am I unable to take a screenshot of certain sites?
A. We are trying to make the extension work on all sites. When we come across a site that is giving problems we fix it and distribute a new version of the extension.
Q. Where can I suggest new ideas?
A. On the following page
Q. How do I take a webpage screenshot of a local site?
A. The Google extensions do not work with local HTML files. We fixed it. Now you can capture local files (starts with file://). This is the only screen capture extension that capture local files.
Q. I am grateful to the staff, how can I thank them?
A. In three ways: a contribution, communication and points. You can read more about this on the following pages.
Q. How do you download the extension?
A. The extension is not a stable software, it is usable only within the Chrome browser. After installing the browser you can go to the extension page and click on the button install.

Q. Where are the webpage screenshots saved?
A. The screenshots are not automatically saved. In order to save the screenshot you must save it manually. If you do not do that the screenshot will not be saved.
Q. Do you have anyone who recommends using the extension?
A. Of course. You are welcome to execute a search on the internet and read the recommendations we have received or read the list of recommenders.
Q. Which systems work with the extension?
A. The extension works on any system that Google Chrome works on like PC, Linux Mac, etc.
Q. Who are the intended users of the extension?
A. The extension is available to any surfer who is interested in saving segments or paragraphs that he comes across on the internet to his computer, or to send it to friends.
We have added certain tools to the extension that makes it useful for web developers. This includes the ability to change the resolution before copying the screenshot and also to take webpage screenshots from local files.
Q. What is your privacy policy?
A. Guarding your privacy is very important to us. You are welcome to read our policy on the following page.
We have worked long and hard at writing this extension. We ask you to please give us a 5 point rating even if you’re not sure that everything about it is perfect.