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Easiest Webpage Screenshot Plugin For FREE!

We are sorry,
but the new version of Chrome (34) break many extensions!

Update (16/4/2014): Google fixed it!
We uploaded new version (v13.8) to the Chrome Web Store.
Thank you Google for your fast reponse!

Webpage Screenshot is a Google Chrome & Opera & Comodo Dragon extension that allows you to take screenshots of the entire webpage with a click of a button. You can Save, Edit and Share with your friends instantly.

If it is not works try other browser:

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Download the setup file for Opera

Webpage Screenshot is available in the Chrome Web Store as an installable plugin for FREE!

Additional Features include:


  • Draw
  • Edit
  • Cut
  • Change Resolution
  • Write Comments
  • Share instantly via Gmail
During installation of the extension a security warning will appear. This is a standard warning. If you would like to read more about this warning please click here.

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